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The swelling of the leg and fever had then subsided, but there was still great

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could be counted. The left lung was collapsed. When sitting up there

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making pneumonia so exceedingly fatal. I would say that I have

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blood during the course of a cancerous or tuberculous

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phorus. The molds were accordingly grown upon a nucleic acid

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AV'b; t then must have been the result, if Jif teen hundred and righft/-ttvo persons had

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it is essential, for purposes of comparison, to make the examination

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recommended by Dr« Gooch, of pouring cold water on the

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As predicted in these notes the organization of the entire state

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officers work which is infinitely beyond their powers

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LAira, C. H., LiBiTFBNANT-CoLONBL and Assistant-Mbdi-

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terest in botany, and, after reaching manhood, traveled

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I have had a large opportunity of studying the effects of

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of the peroneus brevis of both legs, and i; interest, and well meriting a further investi-

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order. Not only did the boy inherit from his parents

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an inflammation. This view is supported by what is witnessed

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no special skill in its employment. — London Med. Record, July 15, 1880.

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but by studying a few skeletons and anatomic plates such as

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to children, they occurred in one adult male — delirium — great gastric and in-

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complications associated with lupus anticoagulant are throm-

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The formative material of cancer is similar to that of most

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traced the origin and use of all terms used in medi

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alterations as may hereafter appear to be necessary.

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98 ounces of clear fluid, partly above the cortex, but mainly in the ventricular

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sound a note of warning. Shock per se should be immediate in its

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that process, a suction action, called by some ' venous inspira-

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and why deposits are found in joints and cartilages.

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as death took place, the .thermometer, after remaining stationary for a few minutes, ecufrt

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xxxviii, 437-451. — Dnenas (.J. L.) A contribution to tlio

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