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as the connective tissue of the central structures, shares the lower morbid

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have had one well-marked case of hydatiform cysts. The woman was

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The Allegheny General Hospital of Pittsburg has now

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punishments are treated in an agreeable manner, altogeth-

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alcohol. Here the loss of weight from the escape of the carbonic

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shape, size and appearance, congestion only is present; but as


into it and carrying before them a portion of its thin wall, so as

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limb; the question is then reduced to this: — Is amputation of the

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weed out the undesirables and leave those best fitted to survive to

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excitement has been reckoned among the early symptoms of the disease.

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in dwellings. While the experiments prove that animals exposed to

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teuse de la joue op6ree; observation du cas, analyse de

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increase is, however, only apparent, as, in proportion to

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incumbent upon him to fully realize the responsibilities he is assuming

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present, however, in the urine, with a specific, gravity as low aH 1010 : and

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for vertigo of old people, and for a cold feeling in the head,

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occasion. Moreover, the analogy between the lining membrane of the

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even noted surgeons, after using the old method for years, say that they

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amelioration in the amount of sputum and in the severity of the cough.

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gains access to the milk, either as an adulterant or in its use for the wash-

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round-celled infiltration characteristic of the disease. The late over-action

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— We have to record a death occurring during the administration of ether

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by an extensive sale. While it is peculiarly adapted to the Medical profession, it must

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partum uteri he had examined. Until we know more about the

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Iodide of Arsenic may be given in doses varying from 1-100 to

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could not slip back. She should be encouraged to "spit it out,"

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beef, which he had received from the Subsistence Depart-

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What, a!so, in the case of the England at Halilax, with

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been a form of traumatic aneurism in which amputation of the limb was the

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he cites three cases in support of this method of treat-

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Leukocytes, differential : Polymorplionuclear neutrophiles.