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The acidity varies inversely with the mucus content. On

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the patient will almost certainly understand the cause of the

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to retain the contents of the bowels fifteen or twenty

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which designate parts having a kindred function. In reality,

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be offered or exposed for sale in this city unless the

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Lend., 1898, xii, 427-434. . Blackwater fever. Lan-

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such forms of diabetes exist, having no relation to arthritism, so far as

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that under various pathological conditions a fine cherry-red color

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LL.B. Surgery— John Chiene, M.D. Midwifery— .Uexander Russell Simpson, M.D.

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widely scattered, till they cease on the neck and face. The general type

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of this kind in 25 years' experience, and that was a case of

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ary oOth, the improvement was rapid and continuous, and by

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often absent and the diagnosis is difficult. Dislocation of shoulder is excluded by

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Congenital alopecia, or hypotrichosis may also be general or local ; the

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for inanition. There may be the failure to elaborate food

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be, Hemorrhoids, Rectal L'lcers, Rectal and Anal Fissure,

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bod3\ So, with reference to these, as with i-eference

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of the eyeballs are normal. The other special senses are normal. Memory

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following days, is expected to be on as large a scale, if not larger

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blindly after some preparation the contents of which we have no knowl-

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logist in Europe who had not accepted the new treatment of diphtheria

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quinine combined with iron will be found beneficial; the patient,

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acute; and, again, we must remember the not infrequent occurrence of

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In 1875 ne was house physician and surgeon at the New Haven

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heart affection. In scarlet fever and diphtheria we find that

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Opium is useful, when there are symptoms of stupor or strong incli-

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instances pneumonia appeared early, being due most probably to special local-

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has tied the right subclavian, in the third part, and

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of physiological fatigue, whether arising from particular or general sources