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still in considerable pain. He lay on the left side

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proper history of the symptoms, and have disregarded my few

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what is going on around him, but there appears to be no

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131 The Internet: a physician desk reference (under construction)

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sary counsel fees, may be retained by such society out of

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nal, a similar manuscript or any abstract thereof must iwt be or

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tion alone, I do not use stimulants. In those cases

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pain. Fifteen grains repeated two. or three times at intervals of

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Each of the dots represents one case of typhoid fever and is

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find the disease proceed uninterruptedly to its cure.

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opht. do I'hosp. d. Quiuze-Vingts, Par., 1883, i, 121-127.—

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582-587. — Pitrcs (A.) Sur un cas de gangrene du pied

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saving of time is an element, a more rapid and per-

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cartilage of incrustation was eaten away to a great extent, there

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The brightness of the light area and the sharpness of the shadow, as it

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sicians to the emperor. They give instruction to the younger members

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blister will almost instantly rise. The principles which advocate the use of the

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clavicle, the bony laminae at the under? In early infancy, then, at least, this acci-

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books, and they are certainly not a puny or unwholesome set.

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self to us with so good a letter of introduction, we received it with

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ticed, is not yet definable ; but in the meantime, applications

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been ver}- much the same ever\'where — except that the different

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tion took place. In about five days the urine was much diminished,

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in May last, has just been published (^Journal of Nervovs

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fingers ; death had been caused by pressure on the windpipe. The judge left