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Phenergan Syrup For Child

larly made out at the part of the optic nerve which is visible to the ophthalmoscopic (optic disk)
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lania^ to the, other parts of the cord ],y the- .listens!, m | the c;,vity
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tories, and without wading through the admission and
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The movements are in the highest degree irregular ; there is no rhythm at
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Drawing Out Disease. — This good man used to take
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the effects of alcohol in the production of organic
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to the touch, and if suppuration results we also have marked
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Dr. Guest : There was no valvular lesion of the heart.
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College, and Sargeon to the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital.
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in this disease. On the other hand, it will appear from a
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branches of knowledge which make up the narrow present
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than, as at present, to be on duty alternately two hours at a
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purities, Imperfect ventilation, personal uncleanliness,
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mortem examination was made. No positive diagnosis was arrived at ; but the
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March 28, 1877, has an excellent article entitled "Tra-
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have worked very closely this year. During the Heart
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mater much elevated — the convolutions of the brain filled with
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well suddenly starts to crack, then I want to go over him
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to whom money was not, I expect, a very primary con-
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All of ibis session was devoted to tbe discussion of
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shown his patriotism. He is a good citizen. He is ever ready,
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quantity of the chlorate of potash, and leave the other to coagu-
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Depression of the supra and infra-clavicular fossae upon one or
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known to modify or arrest the course of the malady.
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