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Phenergan Suppository Pregnant

and Holland, P.V.: Transfusion-associated hepatitis not due

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Reading of Communications, Petitions, etc., to the Council.

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us that Dr. J. B. Brown, Director of the Orthopedic Infirmary, in this city,

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the serum of the patient in question has been added. The control culture is

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than 1. The author can find no data relative to the presence or absence of megalo-

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place it is sure; all the cutaneous tuberculosis can be

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rather than a dislocation, presumably by some local difference

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Dazct. Observation de fistule iiitestino-v^sicale suivie

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tibility to digitalis, and the preparations on the market are so varying in

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Greorge Humphry, of Cambridge, England, whom I regard as one of

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Case VUI. — The first deserving mention is a post-scarlatinal

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for those upon swine, yet this was done by Mondino ; and

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the flagellum trailing behind in a straight line. While the rate of pro-

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forceps before the completion of the first stage should only be

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Mexican Remedy for Cholera. — M. Chantac gives the world reason to

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the cells of this latter membrane in the dark-skinned races has

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around it ; and the ward, since the removal of the tent,

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College of Dental Surgery. Seventh edition. Thoroughly revised

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Representatives and explained our case. We were very

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(Cnicus benedictus), cramp bark (Viburnum opulus), black haw

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shafts ; ventilation of mines ; ventilation of hospitals,

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ingly humble one, but he hopes not wholly without its influence

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defect, and we shall mark the growth of its most precious fruits in the

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Times anil Gicette of October 28 we made some severe observa-

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