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dents in the college curriculum. A certificate of attendance,
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difficult to find in moving water, e. g., where a lagoon is affected by
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ment, is to be kept in mind by those desirous of contributing to the ad-
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him for some time. Long after the int^rity of the tissues is entirely
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of the incisions at each operation, so that the cuts of the second
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dered, and its energy enervated. JJcaJ'ness^ such as is attendant upon
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on the abdomen. To obviate this, it was pushed j part of the abdomen. She was ordered to have the
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cases where the serologic changes peculiar to syphilis (p. 1129) are found.
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courses that are special to our branch, there are also courses in anatomy,
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4. That in cases of gonorrheal cystitis, which are usually acute,
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of mild rheumatic pains, chiefly in the right wrist, but he took no notice of
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conditions, he w^as advised to leave, and his health then improved a great deal ;
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said that since his previous visit, seven weeks before,
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form painful fissures. Sometimes a moist eruption also appears on the
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and when it does hurt and can be relieved, the uterus is
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Benj. Tooke and Luke Meredith, at the " Star," St. Paul's Church-
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definition of the Hebra period are breaking down. Modern pathology is half a
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Extractum, pi. Extrada. — Extracts are concentrated
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dyspnoea than would otherwise be present. But in practice this is not
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of the bowels. In spite of the anxiety that the case causes him, the
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mined for each oxalated plasma by many trials we got the results
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valves. The large dilated heart spreads its sounds abroad
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alcohol. The patient was the mother of four children. She
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so conmion and simple an instrument as the ordinary ana-
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Price, cloth, ^6.50 net ; leather, ^7.50 net ; flexible water-proof
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and their crews, arriving under these circumstances, or having
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