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Promethazine Dosage For Adults

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less pain is felt in the spine, and radiating therefrom to the extremities.

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told, its legislative aspects described, and its final death related ;

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of the heart, viz., near the ensiform cartilage. It is apt, without care, to be

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pressure into a pulp of a dirty brown, or blackish, or grayish color."

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able. Some cases have got well after a longer or shorter time. The


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adequate cause could be detected, and the patient was of the age when

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reasonable justification for supposing death to have been caused by

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1. That in which no symptoms occur^ excepting those just de-

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these days, has a good theoretical knowledge of its

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sumes to discuss and especially to pooh-pooh this old-

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of diseases to be found in each — in one, all bed patients ; in the other,

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He had seen Dr. Bradford operate once for the trouble

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4 1 desire here to express my indebtedness to Dr. Emerson and Dr. Boggs

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exhibiting marked inflammatory symptoms, there were observed

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club-room at which the Surgeon is required to attend mem-

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the recovery of a disorganised joint from disease with

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and, as this is an obtrusive symptom, it was probably absent in the

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1. The symptoms of acute cerebral ancemia may be produced in man by :

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and did their work by the direction of the for years with all sorts of collyria, before

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the prognosis is favorable. In the toxic cases, however, we have to

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last for from several days to several weeks. After subsidence

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— The Indian Medical Gazette, in the course of an

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especially in Germany. A large collection of cases occurred on a single

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