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in puerperal cases, especially when preceded by endocarditis, with deposits

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sometimes becomes hypochondriaa Little can be done by way of

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In the case of the late Mr. Bravo a will made while suffering

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Young parasites, as we have said, sometimes seem to be embedded

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fourteen days, the symptoms become more ui^gent; the belly is tense,

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to the influence of the catamenia. Of 80 cases collected by a spe-

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But I think I may assure you, that to regard all mimic-

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mitted to grow up and enter the national and other schools upon

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peritonitis, with symptoms of perforation, were more unequivocally pro-

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ably followed by improvement, and very often by complete disappearance

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In like manner, in the summer of 1809, (see Statement by

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ing. Sometimes the fever is so slight as to escape notice, and some-

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cates the ignorance of educated minds on the subject of medicine.

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he was able to get about quite well. His general health

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2 cases gave only 5 positive sldn reactions to different

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Deduction in cures of insanity are apt to be too glib. It takes

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that sleepless Jealousy which pervaded more or less all our Medical

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syphilitic curvature of the tibia is certainly generally bilateral^

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difficult to find in moving water, e. g., where a lagoon is affected by

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that, therafare, ifae pBthnlcyifal luolory of the •cbbbs nwy be tfWfiBr i nfl t in

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proof of what I had stated in my first article, that the

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that the dropsy is almost without exception dependent on the presence of

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" Novum Organum, " under what Bacon terms the " ^lotion of Con-

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ity than for scientific value, and certainly far richer in bad

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destitute who are suffering from tuberculosis. After niany and

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Thompson, C. D., High Point, (Hon.); Univ. of Tenn., 1901 1901 1904


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That will do well in some places. It has been adopted to a certain extent in

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Further : " In order to facilitate the artificial repro-

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Symptomatology. — The disease usually begins in the foot, more

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They grow somewhat cynical over Klein's statement that