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with some alkali in solution, may be continued. If occasional vomit-

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excluded by the smoothness of the surface, when it can be felt, and by

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will be full and free, so that the occasion will be interesting and

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nated from above, and even when the finger is covered with

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pitals except that they are under the control of the Department

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We are also compelled to dissent from the statement, on

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body of trustees, who became the governing body of that

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fever. Three days later his temperature became subnormal and

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Lieut. Frank D. Lusk, M. R. C. ; Lieut. L. Shields, M. R. C.

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but was beginning to show slight delirium and was picking at

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and complete withdrawal of the stimulant might be followed by a

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and effects of alcohol, tobacco, tea, and coffee. Chapter six contains a

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of advancing life. That it is capable of cure is manifest, as I have

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fragments was subcutaneously ruptured. The operative

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allegations that Dr. Salmon's accounts of his experiments were

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is unlikely that there was a direct invasion of the pericardium

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months. If, in the fully developed disease, the paroxysms of cough do

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Professor James Law has made an elaborate report upon

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The following arrangement of the cases reported will

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chroma tes to milk was at one time a common practice, and Budde