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For painful defaecation due to fissure the following ointment' has

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25. Schi0tz, A.: Cure of Chronic Diphtheria Bacillus-Carriers, Ugesk. f.

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rank him with the gods. The sick into the streets were carried, and

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reservoirs situated upon the upper back part of the bladder; they

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In: Balneis (De) omnia quse extant [etc.]. fol. Ve-

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tion of matter from degenerated inflammatory products. This doctrine

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/stem,” New Basic Science Bldg., Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham,

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cialists in various fields as well as general practitioners. Contact the Placement Service by writing

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the anterior cornua of the grey matter, with which these columns are directly

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Section of the Royal Society of Medicine is the greatest honour to

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media and cubitus. Abdomen with seven segments at the most,

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and periphlebitis have been described in the umbilical arteries, sometimes

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is in a state of transition from the dogmas of the past to " more rational

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enlarged glands in the mediastinum : One was a case of a child aged

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to have suggestions as to the proper course to pursue. I will,

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symptoms. The wounded man stated that he had plunged the instrument

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clavicles, applied gradual pressure, whilst the nurse

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history of no practical interest, he having suffered only from the

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successful cases of cholangiostomy, showing cases in

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and could easily shell out of the brain substance. Microscopi-