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Can Prednisone Cause A Rash In Dogs med. nav., Madrid, 1896, xix, 97-102. — Vieira de

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Typhoid Fever from Oysters. — There is an outbreak of typhoid fever

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very much disfigured by the swelling. The swelling is not very painful

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which, if not unreasonable or unnatural, was disproportioned

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ing, and publisliing the Eegister of the United Kingdom,

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very ably by Dr. H. Aug^ustus Wilson, Clinical Professor of

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sugar after the administration of 100 gm. of glucose. The patient

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parietal peritoneum presents, superficially, a caseous layer

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her calomel and regulated the diet. Three days afterward the

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the outlet of the bladder shall be at the lowest part of that bag.

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assuming, indeed, any other character than that of an observer

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however, this was estaljlished later, by the medical evidence referred

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The thirty-seventh regular meeting of the Academy was held at

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Earthy phosphates are very insoluble in alkaline fluids, and

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practitioner in his peculiar addition to the medical literature of his

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Hottentots; such as the visciim Capcnsc (an astringent and slight-

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to have suffered from more dyspnoea and fever than when presented.

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rence of the malady is uncertain ; and generally only when the exciting

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to bring them in good position; but finally, after a good deal of

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edge any after ill-effects, and it is assuredly true that country

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and surprising improvement" in this instance led them to make

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At last, all differences between lumps sprung from the connective

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