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apparent if, instead of totals reconstructed and as published, the author had
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tirely for three weeks by nutritive injections, and the
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producing the locomotor disease, which- has, for a prominent
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dies suggested were a better education as to muscular development,
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primi-gravida'. To carry out sucli a research would be almost practicably
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superficial education, by the aid of which they assume an
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legislation. I presented the matter in tbe most forcible way t
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&radization as soon as I noticed that a change in the color of the in-
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Rules for Authors. — Dr. Billings, in his able, practical, and witty address be-
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The general symptoms, with the exception of the fever, do not greatly
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Jaulin; A Contribution to the Study of Intestinal Obstruction
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responsible for the cure or whether this would have occurred
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kaiserl. Gesundheitsamte zu Berlin, unter Zugrundelegung der amtlichen
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addressed to the Right Hon. Sir J. Pakington, G.C.B., M.P.
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chow, Leuckart, Colberg, C'laus, and others ; and from experi-
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ments into apposition, and good results have been obtained.
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substances are excreted by the bowel, and also by the kidney, and induce irrita-
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death had not taken place from this cause, this would be tantamount to
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tSe completion of the operation.* M. Koeberle, in connection with the
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Upon this point, the question of the local or exotic
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round-celled infiltration characteristic of the disease. The late over-action
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well-marked " contre-coup " in the optic nerve by purposely
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a positive means of ditterentiatin^ species. This in itself makes it an invalu-
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faeces cannot enter into the question. There are to be
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any kind whatever should be placed on the same lot with a
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There are also certain forms of paralysis arising from
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where the disease is typhus fever, scarlatina, small-pox, or diph-
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chales and grooms. Quotation from Michael Baret — from Beck-
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a small spleen, a normal liver and mesenteric glands. The kidneys were