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tions. On the other hand, opening of the periarticular

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over its hills and through its valleys is pure and sweet, fresh

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course at the Hygienic Institute, in Berlin, under Professor

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ment of learning and skill. Whether as physician and specialist, or

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ment and energy of her sister, Dr. Julia G. McNutt, her-

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from a long distance, or when the bullet has ricochetted.

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destruction, and wearing away of the articular cartilage, beginning usually

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Treatment" (an article in Handbook of Med. Sci. supplement, 1893) ;

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before, he had been seized with convulsions, which lasted several

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citizen, as a versatile yet profound toiler in scientific research, or as a writer

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mere general declamation against the practice, but pointing out

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bathed with a two and one-half per cent carbolic solution,

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grew longer between the discharges of blood and pus, my cour-

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Attending Surgeon to the New York Hospital in 1889.

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received his degree, M.D., April 9, 1894. During the summer of

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together. For the first three days, the urine should be drawn

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the child wrapped in it. This often has the happy effect of

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10 P.M. ■ — Increasing stupor, delirium, inarticulate mutterings,

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concerning the epidemic in New England, although all parts of

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standing he has had a very extensive general practice, and

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doses of Hypericum, with benefit each time. I was much tempted

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Dr. Jacobi has devoted much attention and study to the diseases of

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displaced splinters and the supervision of the lirnb. We

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pox has been on duty ever since, mixing freely with his con-

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this abnormal growth, I hit upon one of Schiissler's tissue reme-

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ease. Nor can the germs of variola live in the blood that has

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ties ; no oedema except that of face ; tongue still slightly furred ;

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