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Promethazine Suppositories Onset

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necrosb occurs, and the terminal phalanges become shnmken and contracted.

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The kidneys are small, sometimes unequally so. The single kidney may

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being of great value in the way of prognosis and of showing the results of

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joints of one arm may be involved and those of the other be normal, the gland-

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effect on the arteries, capillaries, and veins producing local syncope, which

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cious drugging. It goes without saying that the prompt proper handling of a

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by the growth of the bacteria. In pure bacteriuria the urine contains no

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Goitres amenable to iodine subside quickly under a:-ray treatment. In

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in number, and were generally arranged along the border of the fiber, in

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curvature, or a projecting spine, or more commonly an obliteration of the