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Can Phenergan Help With Stomach Virus

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also held that air entered during deglutition while the nostrils are
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Myelitis from Intoxication. — The history of myelitis due to toxic
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and amount of work done by it. The former amounts to MO ;
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CO CO <<44 OU3t<-O00Ot<-U3Cl1Cd00U3<0O00C«0de<|00C0C0C0t<-r-|00t«00C0'<44UdC0CQ
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during the height of a febrile disease, such as typhoid or scarlet fever,
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during the winter and spring, the disease is so common that the num-
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I believe it is now generally conceded to be unwise
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that of a normal child, so much so as to render any
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ance jostle the really needy and deserving poor in the effort
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be thrown on the floor, and the rising of a white vapor will reveal the
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Eklix PiNKiis, of Berlin. CHLOROSIS. By Dr. K. von Noorden, of Frank-
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Van Swieten is also quoted for a case in which a boy died
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tant observations on this head of the report {vide extracts).
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and sweating, which he could not account for except
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can not engage to publish an article in any specified issue ; [3] any
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or habits of life to which the foregoing questions do not extend ? Name and
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As there is ulceration of the bowels inmost cases of Typhoid fever,
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In this line of work it does not pay to experiment. The name Scheidel-
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bequest of ^1,400,000 by Johns Hopkins to endow, in the
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recover sensibility to such an extent, as to enable the
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all time, is it very Quixotic to suppose that a certain type of
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. h ji,.. ,, 111 r I 1 ill 111 111.1 - lit iiliMIlii in.itirr » llii '; i- I' >iii iIh' i In lllli .il
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ferent cases. They recur in some cases with great regularity after a stated ' ■;
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" The great and good Dr. Rush," speaking of CuUen's nosology, said
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ing after an intra-uterine douche of corrosive sublimate solution
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1 Traite des Entozoairea et des Maladies Vermineuses de 1'Hotnme et des Ani-
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