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has now resorted to shell-hole fighting, using hotels and restaurants,
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midwives used ergot too much and indiscriminately. Many
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wise quite similar attack. Her heart is somewhat enlarged, and her arteries
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He referred to the puerperal fever, typhoid, rubella, and diphtheria cases.
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jection, were hermetically sealed with iodoform collodion. For
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of the disease the trachea only was covered with a diphtheritic mera-
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In an article in the *' Medical Record," September 16,
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of the medical department of the University of New York.
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which gradually passed off in two or three hours. Two days later the
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sphenoidal, and maxillary sinuses, and the nasal fossse. Disease in any of
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tion, made according to the formula of Dr. John Aulde, of Philadelphia,
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thirst, all superfluous fluid being laxative. A little sound Madeira or
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of the head, with nausea and vomiting. There was com-
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processes of the cerebral cells, and in the cells of the nuclei in the bulb,
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sions interlocking with those of the overlying rete mucosum, and
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opportunities in a nearby Army Reserve unit, call your
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period of the disease, and hence induration and dimination of bulk are
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Biett. it is true, made three varieties of lupus : one he regarded as
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ADVERSE REACTIONS: Nadolol — Most adverse effects have been mild and transient ana
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of texture and more or less pigmental deposit. It may occur upon nearly
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required ; but we should be satisfied with such mitigation of the
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condition was due to circumstances entirely independent
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circulation. This condition should not be regarded as identjoal with dikl»-
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ifests its operation, by which the will and judgment are impaired and the conduct