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Shuttle Systems Minipress

struggles for breath, goes black in the face, and appears to the onlooker
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20th, at 8..30P.M. The chair will be taken by Dr. C. T. Aveling, Vice-
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coated, small, and have imprinted upon them the word cas-
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stimuli to chemical and mechanical, with the possible ad-
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The patient was then removed to a warm bed, and fed with
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Malet.— On January 2;)rd, the wife of Dr. Henry Malet, of 14, Waterloo
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themselves— organisation ; and they could find no better
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necessary in the interests of the public health, and this quite
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account of dyspeptic trouble, as he does not expect any
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tious diseases hospital. Last week witnessed a further extension of small-
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gnosed by a London physician :as an enlarged gall bladder. For months
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operations were required, but could not agree that it was
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members of the Association or not, will be heartily welcomed.— H.
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over the edge of the jaconet so as to prevent the cotton from
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and Melbourne : Cassell and Company, Limited. (Crown
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always accompanied by inequality of volume," is too
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No fresh cases of small-pox have occurred at Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire. The
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cases, published by Meinhard Schmidt and Heusinger, and
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scriptions in the Belfast papers at an early date, and to
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loss of a distinguished surgeon to whom Glasgow owes so
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sisted only in a slight smokiness of tlie urine, which ceased
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Communications. — Dr. Watson Williams exhibited a case of
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Remarks. — In the Epitome of January 14th, 1893, a case of
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with a request that he should prosecute tho vendors.
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mittee, and the formation of district committees in the
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Payment of Railway Expenses of Members of Parliamentary Bills Com-
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Guy's Hospital Reports. Vols. 2, 4, 6, S, 11, third series.
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These statements are well illustrated by an experiment on
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Sussex College ; George Herbert Domao, B.A., of Gonville and Calus Col-
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Considerable interest has of late been shown in regard to
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box. I then roll it together, and kneading it for a minute or
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that his present health appears to be as good as it was three
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the subject has got rid (by the return of neuro-muscular
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without going beyond the limits of this paper, I may say that
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new edition (the fifth) of Meyer's well-known Conversations-