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number of tests, only possible in a laboratory, before it can be

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Dr. Gerster asked for the experience of the meeting as to

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obscure disease and light will be thrown on the many

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was resisted on the ground that, according to the baptismal registry, his

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in every case, and unless used expertly it has little if any value,

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effort ; he throws his weight as Httle as possible on the unsafe leg, and

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patient's personal or hereditary history which seemed to

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scopic tube to within an eighth of an inch of its lower end (Fig. 1).

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its etymology, signifies the uterus, is a misnomer.

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in more perfect contact with those parts which might

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they have been systematized into a creed ; a veritable confession of

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tions of heredity. In my cases there is frequently do away with the painful

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the rectal wall, living or preserved, they may be seen attached


death rate in the year of onset is about one twentieth, their recovery

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of rock and water, and all its parts, whether seen or hidden from

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the unfortunate mother, that current was to be preferred which

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appear in the opening. A probe is now tipped with cotton

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in October, I began the use of hypodermatic injections of

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water which has permeated vegetable soil may afi"ord 12 to 30 or even more

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Right pleura adherent throughout; in left pleural cavity about a quart of green-

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gives dinciiom for priparinp many clishfa in a way that wi.l make Isiarii's for |]i3

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Such an increase is rated good, an increase of 15 or more liters

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Health Conditions in Indiana for June. — The monthly

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circumference of the brain, and the other returning to the

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rup. But of all the patients seen there was not one who was not ren-

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inflammation, or even suppuration. Nor is albuminuria a

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scrupulously just and fair to the students. His contributions

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complications. They are of less importance in mild epidemics, inasmuch as

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apparatus is the most convenient and accurate for the busy

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I^ Ext. cascariE sagradae liq. (B. P.), . . . . tt], x.-xx.

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tioB flMV be tderated for aiune years after birth. The cystic fluid may Iv