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to digestive disturbances. Such patients are apt to suffer from the more active
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This, indeed, is the condition of things as we find it in medicine
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anemia which has been treated by Fowler "s solution
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scientific basis, since it has been shown that altitude
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could be done to advantage. The patient, however, did
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slightly more sensitive than the other to the toxin.
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ner, is forced by the tongue into the posterior part of the mouth
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conditions of the mother during pregnancy, injuries from
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times and the time required for it was never less than three minutes.
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which advertisements claims are made that they are specialists in dis-
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than any pregnant uterus. On the other hand, eclampsia has been observed
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present a series of four photographs of the patient to the
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had a supravaginal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-
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grain is removed, fruits, nuts, and green vegetables (except
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event is perhaps possible, it is as yet disputed by the best
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— According to the Vienna Medical Press, the homoeopaths have discov-
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At the present time he felt that nothing had been given
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Simmonds, Cashing, and others have demonstrated the frequency with which
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eye on me, for I am sure it is all right, and this time it
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is certain, and there is ample experience in proof. In France,
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demic of Measles in Klagenfurt in 1837, by Dr Watzke ; and
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in it, illness may residt which will lead to permanent ill-health. Bnt a
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23.4° (74° Fahr.) ; autumn, 15.5° (59.9° Fahr.) ; whole year,
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The tinct. cantharid., anciently employed among the English, is a
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3. Inhalation- anthrax is the rarest form. In it the spores
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vulsion occurred. Calabar bean was administered. The spasms ceased for twenty-four
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right side of body, also implicating the tongue. She did not lose
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