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Dr. B. C. Frazier : In regard to the habits of the tetanus bacillus :

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icteric. An anatomical diagnosis cannot be made in the absence of a micro-

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to infection being present, a septic stage is introduced of necessity into


cases are occasionally met with in which it has been delayed until after

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are very commonly referred to the region of the umbilicus. Tormina are

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from the University of Pennsylvania, his full medical

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The two specimens of healed hemorrhoids consisted of tags of connective

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four years' average (1885-1908) of 2.985 inches on 17.2 days.

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sugar to make the syrup. — Druggisls' Circular. ^H

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4th. During the continuance of the fever however, the urine becomes of ^^^

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was said before, the so-called trade eczemas should be

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of degeneration are not present, and fibrillation is not seen. The gait is

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data on toxic releases into the environment; and databases

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it might be possible that the primary trouble was not poison by loco

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complaints; yet they also should be so arranged, that all can

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good a hypodermic of mOrphia was given, with direc-

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dangerous because of the liability of forcing some of the fiuid

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tons nutrition by their action upon the assimilating power

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control by means of a manometer, which can be seen both from

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IV. Softening of the contents of tlie twndd gland cells seems to

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of iodide of potassium, in an ounce and a half of de-

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long enough to lead to notable atrophy and degeneration of the muscular

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brain is affigned to each of thefe functions ; it is only in confe-

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sich ein Bediirfuiss herausgestellt, von der Bestiumiung

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from pneumonia during the first days following crisis. This is no

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were cases which had organic origin, and had led to that miserable and

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in the water. And in this case we have either a case of actual

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gested. There is usually a marked polymorphonuclear' leuco-

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color — the reaction which we should always aim at obtaining. The