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" As regards the data," says Dr Bryden, " from which the deduc-
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discusses questions of deep interest to every practitioner of our country.
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leave of absence for three months. S. O., 100. A. G.
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gram in the future. Still, Mackenzie, who invented the apparatus, and who has
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when the material is used as such, without centrifugation or filtra-
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a. Basis of Fixed Bed Allotment. (As changed by C 2, 27 Mar 62)
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observed and engaged in with a decorum and propriety befitting the
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into the tunica vaginalis. The histological lesions are, briefly, the
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twenty minutes, and finely cliopped, or scrapedbeef
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administration of iodothyrin there is a great increase in
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perinephritic suppuration, and, finally, cystic disorganization of the organ. In
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18.53, now before us, his name does not appear in the body of
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by Van Home. It was largely by the employment of this
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and in the worst possible condition to bear any operative interference.
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instead of upon its £avorite seat — as when psoriasis affects the palms
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affecting the interior of the body, the seat in some particular tissue, the
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The child gets down with a stiff back which is very
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that it may be carried by insects, and that it can be found in the dust
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me to this conclusion. It is not likely that pressure would
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The cut surface of the hepatized lung, however, is divided
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killed, as he regarded me in the light of an enemy and thought I was
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1.29 in pursuit operations to 9.18 in general offensive; regiment
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aged thirty-five, suffering from widely disseminated dis-
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replace milk completely until defervescence has oc-
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of notice. Thus, in Persia the fever is often accompanied by vomiting or
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Fine preparations, showing the same fact, may be seen in the Edinburgh
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experimentally even upon animals, by the immortal work of Pavlow,
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quently employed, the skin should be very thinly anointed
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The corpus striatum has, however, no direct connection with the
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did not afford room for removal of the pelvic tumor.