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often as difficult to unite as those of a mucous membrane ; indeed
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to which the tractions made on the body necessarily expose it, the pos-
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undistinguishable in all nations and ages, that doctors are princes, instead of paupers ; live like
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bile, and partly to its alkalising and solvent virtues in clear-
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and darkly contoured, which by their form and their evident radiated
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has been no inconsiderable expense to care for neglected eyes which, if they
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characters of demonomania, the disease became complicated
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figures the following tabulated statement is given:
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terial for the experiments. At autopsy these animals have shown a
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Sjrmptoms of Tertian Malaria. — The i)aroxysms of fever in tertian
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detoetod, lies in the circumstance that the albuminates of
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manner without any evil results. Again, as people become
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state with inflammation, calling of themselves for depleting re-
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ferred to the speaker for examination. The posterior sur-
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doctor would strike his cane on the floor to agitate the powder, and
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are distributed by the air, and in many ways, by the atmosphere, food,
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r^teution da fcetus uiort dans la cavit<5 uterine.
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gives several examples of good results in patients, and
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guarded laxative, neutral salts, calmatives, expectorants, alkalies, stimu-
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blood to the head, it would be natural to expect that death would
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Conditions not necessarily associated with general or local disease*
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now be a question of considerable interest as to how
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Tho condition of health and physiqiic maintained by some
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characteristic whiteness, as well as of the anesthesia produced
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2. Yellow fever is transmitted to the non-immune individual by
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Catlin says he found that " every ^male] Indian, in his
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failing ; 6 mos. giddiness, loss of consciousness 2 or 3 a day, has fallen sometimes ; occasional
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five days, and then declining slightly for one or more days, and ter-
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In another relation, the mutual, dependance of the solids and