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Rexine Cloth

part of the surgeon and the patient. It is a waste of time and money to



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corrupted at its source." — Treatise en Fever, p. 169.

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comminuted, 5 ; do. of both • legs, compound and comminuted, 1 ; do.

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4. In ordinary quiet respiration the expired air is sterile. In forced

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are subacute or chronic. It is said that acute phosphorus poisoning never

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lymphaticus is recognised the measures to be adopted are those in use in

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the association systems of neurons of the spinal cord, as well as of the

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dent and FeUows of the Coiuiecticut MedioarSbcietyiheid'al Nmr Hst-

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long period afterwards gave a certificate in favor of a nostrum sold under

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ter, thirteen and a half feet long, bent into the horse-shoe form, and

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Underwood, and Magitot later on, were able to show somewhat similar

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fixed at varying angles by means of an easel-leg underneath working in a ratchet.


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of animal heat, moderate depletion by means of leeches or cupping

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secretion of very pale urine, sometimes to the amount of two or three

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only one adapted for its cure, and which has always been written upon

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milky fluid could be expressed from the breast, and the areolae were altered.

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current of their feelings different from that which is outwardly exhibited.

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passages (Thalmann, 1900), or into the normal alimentary tract (Sanchez

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much decayed, and would have been broken by any instrument The

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taking place in the body. Sir Leonard Rogers made a further advance by

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convalesced. Whether this favorable result would have occurred is verf

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Generalisation seldom takes place by perforation of an ulcer, but usually

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Pathology of the Sore. — The first indication of syphilis is commonly a

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mortality from consumption, and an increase in the mortality from the

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pect, similar to that found in old tubercular excavations, are sometimes

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are arsenic and strychnia, either separately or in combination. Nitrate of

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into play in trunk and extremities, and thus a general as well as local stimulating

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with the formation of dark-coloui:ed crusts, whilst the absorption of the

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of pomre^poodenpe apd sympathy betweea the diffeceDt parts concerned

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States of America. In his deportment he was plain, unassuming, unos-

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It is obvious why disease of the lungs should occasion a dispropor-

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membranes with which the lymphatic glands communicate, is not a ne-

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M. Louis has lately been transferred from the medical charge in

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Some such cases have even proved fatal by perforation of the intestine.

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Sixth Department.— Henxy H. Childs, William H. Tyler, Asa G.

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anchored or fixed in the cell ; and (2) a toxophoric group which, subsequent

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siastic confidence, have not been so fortunate. I have given the prv*

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pouch containing about two ounces of stinking pus ; the disease was

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fails, the nitrate of silver is resumed and continued through the follow-

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Thi nndersigned are associated for the purpose of instructing In all the branches of Mfdicine and