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very certain in its action, because the contractions it induces

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pues de la eniicleaci6n del ojo excitante. Progreso ni6d.,

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the mode of living, by acrid food or drink, such as sour wines or

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the best in Europe, there is in the United States a large body, who

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pulsation. On analysis, each pulsation is evidently

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Douglas' cul-de-sac, in order to draw the pus cavity from below,

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first volume of the " Transactions," and is presumably

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application of the principle to practical ends peculiarly

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except to say that he still held that chloroform was the

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In London, with a population of between a million and a

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suffering from tetanus, as was proved by the experiments made in the

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of Dr. Griffin. We trust and hope that he will neither slack his,

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It is divided into three portions, the prostatic, mem-

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available energy or strength which a person may bring to bear upon an

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plete and perfect, each chapter full and explicit, each

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ing remedies. Cinchona, indeed, its alkaloids, and arsenic are true specifics.

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abortion in a way I would gladly have made less personal, it is that

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energy-content of the materials metabolized; but the regulation of the

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proper technic they are chiefly on the neg- Babies' Hospital in New York, found that

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combined with deep depression of spirits. In some instances this de-

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Medical Society of Virginia has a very difficult job, a

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Griscom, whether or not these ventilators were capable

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be used in designating this disease, so that deaths registered as due to

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There is no constant interrelationship between p H readings and phenol-

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their course, entitle us in some measure to count them among the neu-

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Mange — Diseases due to Epizoa— Poultry L(jusiness — Fleas — Ticks —

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to have been absent. My intention in bringing it before the Section

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pine forest; it does not seem to me unreasonable to believe it salu-

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There was no case in the series which could be described

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one kidney is absent the remaining one is not always enlarged,