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Testing the sense of smell supplied by the trigeminus has been described

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New York, and Dr. James A. Hart, of Colorado Springs ;

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separated into two groups; Recommended tests which aid

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third in number was the hookworm. Even this third in the list

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matic causes being excluded, suggests, as a probable morbid condition,

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members of our profession is that, at the opening of the last

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Lewis and McConnell (1876). Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of

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of attention close to the sides. See figure 1. Especial care should be taken to

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cases of hydrophobia, occurring in two children bitten by the same dog aud at

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Department of the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. Third Edition, thoroughly Revised

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judged solely from the external aspect of the body that the deceased

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half-unconscious condition. No further convulsion oc-

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Case III. — Refers to a patient aet. 55, on whom the high ope-

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symptoms. The wounded man stated that he had plunged the instrument

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may lose its jjigment. These changes include the various forms of

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however, was loose, and somewhat painful when in use.

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Asylum ; Member of the Syracuse Academy oj Medicine; the Central New

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forty-eight hours. On the other hand, the illness may continue for an

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cells, with apparently less, but in reality with great diminution of

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its position. The rat in the water will swim to the log, get on

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Section 376.19 to permit the construction, improvement

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twice staphylococcus pyogenes aureus associated with

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condensed many provings. I cannot find that others have

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fractui'e be that of either of the condyles, epicon

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often as difficult to unite as those of a mucous membrane ; indeed

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the respiratory murmur are still preserved, and another

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temperature, and often the subjective symptom of itching.

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some of its important points which I hope may be acceptable to readers

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the memory of many of those now present that anatomy and