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been rendered more difficult by indefinite clinical diagnoses and
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the method suggested, as it appeared to involve the least suffering and
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hydrates, suggested the possibility of a metabolic gradient. He showed that
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which does not produce the ravings and illusions of insanity, or the
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Bovet declared somewhat vaguely that " by its dynam-
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heavier than before the operation. Repeated examinations of
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be sterilized in the following manner : The nails are
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symptoms are prominent, the true nature of the case may be easily
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and yet the sensations it i)roduces are sufficiently acute
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Similar to the pneumococcus in humans, P multocida is a
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a single indiscretion, have his career ruined and his
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ments extending over a period of three months, concludes that
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iodine in the proportion of one of tincture to two or three parts of water, was in-
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in the genital canal did not extend for more than three-quarters of an inch into
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pulmonary phthisis. After a thorough preparatory course of literary and scien-
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nation is without the means and appliances necessary for even
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epithelium may very well be looked upon as secondary to the loss of their
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The solutions should not be irritating. Ordinarily a .6 to 2
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creatic (trypsin), biliary and intestinal ferments in the intes-
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refer partly to superficial ulcerations and partly to ulcerating gum-
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There was no case in the series which could be described
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the dogmatism of an oracle, insists upon certain details,
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catarrhal pneumonia, pulmonary collapse, myocarditis, otitis
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and twenty-days after disappearance of diphtheria ba-
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or violence. Severe headache, dizziness, some chills, heat, early pros-
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of cause. They seem to suppose that disease is an existence of the
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upper end a tube is attached, which passes up to the
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in view, it cannot but be seen that all these four factors are
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were brought to him ; and then it was announced that a
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of, as to be usually expected; a change, attributed by one of our most
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and then rotating it outward while bringing it into a state of extension,
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* Med. Magazine, Lond., iv, 470. "f Rev. d. mal. de I'enfance, Feb., 1901.