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1 cm. in diameter. Most are undergoing organization and many
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the iris, provided that a portion of the cornea remains clear, and the patient has
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delirious. During the day his general condition and appearance improved
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" I shall examine some of the facts connected with plague, and see how far
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Bell, Miller, and others — and old Dionis, to whom a case requiring
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This Association has for its object the advancement of scientific
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examination of the goitres except the one which terminated fatally.
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climate between the equator and latitude 34°; but it succeeds with a mean
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a psychoanalytic investigation and treatment has gradually been
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et la destruction de la membrane muqiieuse de Vestomac,^^ are none
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My only excuse for bringing this brief note to your attention is
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into a long point. From the axils of the upper leaves come out leafless
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ease, mother of apoplexy. Consulted Dr. E. G. Janeway on February 23, 1905,
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because the bismuth contents of the stomach completely obscures
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temperature of this season, the greater will be the proportion of cases of
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here were bound to make out a clear case, they must not talk of
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on those. The top of the streaks had a grayish, glistening appear-
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knows nor reco"nises no intermediate sta<>e. This is a horrid doc-
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cases in which the disease yielded to a copious abstraction of blood, though the
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nute ramification of the bronchi, snd is ineonsiderable in quantity, which is ouang
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women is, therefore, 34 per cent., as against 18.4 per cent, for all
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I from Experiment VIII shows, because an even greater drop of
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This is the view of this malformation taken by Cooper in his Dictionary
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tion is made of all the circumstances under which the occurrence of
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to be provoked by indiscretions in diet. The patient, one son and one
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(case No. 41, not shown in the above table) had an almost identical
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back to the heart, lymphatics than veins, for it is more consistent with analogy to
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1912. Three blood-cultures remained sterile. Patient was taken sick,
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Valentine be discovered. We hear no deafening celebration of his merits;
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is known as the author, in conjunction with Dr. Bache, of the best Dispensatory
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The condition of the pantaloons and drawers was next carefully in-
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where he received x-ray treatments with some regularity, but was rather
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The most constant and essential anatomical alteration appears