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coronary arterial disease are less tolerant to digi-

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be a starting symptom of an entirely different disease, such

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This careftil quantitative estimation of the insular tissue offers a

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under the direction of Dr. Zinsser with some modifications of recent

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beaver, kangaroo rats, and the roughed or crab-eating fox, and it is

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N. B. — In order to obtain State aid the society must have at least 8 members

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epithelial lining is mostly cuboidal or flat; no definite hypertrophy is

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Fig. 1. A. X-ray appearance of left femur at the time of

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relative to the thing in question. The writer has never seen a case of

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the tuberculosis was apparently of intestinal origin. A gland at the root of

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measles, respiratory tract infections, dysentery and

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valuable time is lost in treating the patient.^ Per-

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so prevalent among parrots, it may well be asked whether the

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together in clumps, as is their wont, the bacilli were found isolated.

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the kidney. The left ureter passes outward toward the right side crossing

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they grew well at room temperature. They proved to be nonpatho-

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tion from other cities would be obtained and the prob-

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March 20, 1946, he was discharged from the hospital.

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now we apply a nocuous stimulus to the skin of the foot and so throw

skelaxin 800 mg tablet kin

(m) Parwitio ictero-hematuria. — Carcasses of sheep affected with this disease shall be

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liody, rnixirrjiliitii nf llu irah r in lln i.iitinil iiir is the most important

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Three leading independent research organizations in a nationwide survey asked 113,597 doctors

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dissolved in isotonic sodium chloride, or isotonic sodium chloride and

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the completion of the case. It has no substitute in

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22, 1938). The pathologist reported some hemorrhage and

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Twenty-first Annual Report of the Bureau, the annual report of the

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official certificate stating the condition in which said cattle, sheep, swine, or goats,

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Denmark is prohibited unless accompanied by a certificate issued, not by any local

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the predominant cell type is the reticulum cell. The

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..I' ..\pi-iiiii. Ills. ., |..\. .iii.j ..I' i..'rini- \a!ii ..Ill 11. 1 all. I- t'.-.- liinj- "itl.

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of the worker and the cost of training a new worker,

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1. ♦Annandalb, T.: ''Case of congenital malformation of the

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direetio... ...!.'.. to the rijrht, is suddenly d.>stroy.>d, a sp..ntan.-..ns .h>v.a-

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the modified quarantined area, until the said cattle shall have been inspected, found

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