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blood so attracted to the surface, that the cool air is

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daughter of Mr. Wm. Wesley Woollen, of Indianapolis. His wife was a

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seat of disease ;" — and this he does on grounds which have

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med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Berl., 1890, xxii, 114.— Kiilin

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but there is nothing very characteristic about any of these types.

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Wash out the womb and vagina, using a soft, rubber tube

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water stands in a certain relation to health, and Pettenkofer

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papers published in the Archives GeneraIedeMedecineinl855.

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stones. This catarrh may be caused by a great many dif-

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from growths of which the cells were epithelial, was the absence in the latter

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at different levels.. In the cervical and upper dorsal regions the

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monary infections, and are, in the order of frequency, the

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International Association ot Railway Snrgeons, Milwaukee, June

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flexion, the effect of which without the instrument

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appearances thereby produced, might have boon obliterated by putrefaction.

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occasions it presented, on palpation, a diffuse feeling of

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disease. This bacterium was first identified by Armauer

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empty space as such. The " giddiness " which possesses some big strong

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unbought publication for the common good ; as it denounces artifice

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cortex are implicated l)efore their decussation, so that paralysis of the limbs

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The effects of this poison on the pulmonary system were as

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erally useful than the repeated application of the end of a bit

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was a fight made by Milwaukee physicians. We have wanted medical

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sidered. I would like, however, to emphasize that under no circum-

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over-action and hypertrophy of the heart, the passage of an

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The technic necessary to demonstrate the presence or absence of

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or private sectors of society? It is in this connection that the

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hospitals in North Carolina, for instance, you have it embalmed in a

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a foreign country. Among us we have some English merchants — some

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The clinic is a public health service for children under

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urethra and ureter were regarded as unlikely. The au-

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exhausted shows the appreciation in which it is licUl by the profession.

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Pharmacopoeia recognizes it when it has practically gone out of

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