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Sometimes it is an advantage to run the brace up above
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Digitalis in ten to twenty grain doses, or a drachm or more of the tincture
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that movable kidney and cholelithiasis may exist to-
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ease of infants accruing upon the various forms of fever specilicd,
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misnomer. The primary condition was non-inflammatory.
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being dissolved in salt solution, to which it gives an opalescent
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In the physiology of the female genital organs is included a section
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tion required for a medical license. This subject was
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ing immuuity, which, however, is not absolute, against
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has been impressed by the characteristic aspect of other cases, and is
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tenderness, were softer than the others, and the skin in the neighbour-
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Dr. H. B. Andrew, of Sandbridge, and Dr. T. H. Bethune, of
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north and south of Ancona ; but with this remarkable peculiarity,
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fatal. At this hospital the past year the mortality
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from the rest, forming a separate pouch; a consequence of which
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should be, still, taking the whole sum of proof into consideration, the
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Experiment 2. — February 10 : The four mice had each eight
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