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senses with the instruments with which science has furnished

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of more carefully considering the papers brought before them, was

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and valuable lectures of Professor Chittenden, which

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From a recent decision in New Hampshire he made the following

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ber balloon-cannula which is now shown in Fig. i. It

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of the Medical Colleges in this city. He was on intimate friendly

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have, at the constant instigation of the Local Govern-

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diminution of size may have been effected by their elimination.

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ones concerned; but inasmuch as the means of investigation of direct

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will escape through no tube, and incision of the cyst

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cavity. The heart was little larger than the fist of the corpse. The

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semi-llexion, the little finger slightly adducted on the

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with more or less tenacious matter on the surface, and different folds of

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under the observation of general practitioners than under that

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rise, that it is blood, and not mucus ; that the bubbles, passing

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Dr. Lefferts, of New York, read a very interesting paper

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was only to be made, however, if the gall- infection is a prominent factor in the case,

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normal pulse-rate should have been about 100, gave in five observations

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I by percentages on his multitudinous polypharmaceutical

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ject of adding to its funds ; and it would be well if the

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of the disease. In the vicinity of the patches, the

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with iodoform gauze. These patients should be sent to a

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mometer, a relapse may be easily overlooked. A fully developed

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some money he would be sued for damages. He refused

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cision may become the road of sepsis, described : The raw potatoes are put into

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ing separated from the uterus at its centre, the space

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ish the tremblings. Holding the arms above the head for

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familiar to every physician, that it will be only necessary here to give the