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liimi, and has the velvety appearance which, as we have fully described
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touch it, and for some days I gave her nothing but some sim-
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INDICATIONS AND USAGE. Hypertension: INDERAL LA is Indicated In the management of
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of the women is reinark.ilile, as might be expected, considering tluit
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tracted cases, great swelling and redness occur over the inflamed
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uterine, and so expressed himself at the first visit. During March
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blood smears very thin, and this is best done by the use of the method
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upwards and give rise to subcutaneous emphysema of the neck. Pneu-
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of second grade certificates was nineteen, seven more than the pre-
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taiiow, Of each 2 lbs, dissolve the soda in 1 gal. boiling soft
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church used for the seances. The Rev. Pope described the “psychic pictures” of the
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to symptoms which they did not formerly think should
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Matthias R., aet. 13., and weakly, was admitted on 16th Oct.
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found to pervade all the houses in the district connected by drains
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ure-room, and must endure the trenchant criticism of my
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responded by producing antitoxin at the end of three
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vbo was willing to taste it, nothing at all. or at knst nothing more than a slight saltiness.
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petechial fever ; spotted fever ; febris nigra ; black death, etc. Under
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The case is interesting from many standpoints, especially the clinical
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tion. The fusion faculty was also a later acquisition,
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— the medical treatment not to be considered as a charity but as
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at least so much so, that the existence of astigmatism is
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treatment recommended for hjpersemia of the liver is also suited to
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Balantidium coli {Paramoecium coli) is found in discharges from obstinate
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flexors of the leg, and the extensors of the foot, with confine-
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trasystoles may occur irregularly or periodically. When
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newly available topical pharmaceutical is 2,500 times
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