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content; and the intervention of the liver in some regulatory or regenera-
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The contents of the sac were next evacuated, through a large incision, into
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is made to discover why it is so cold. Before we reach the final par-
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tomic plates, by the study of which he made himself
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10. Dernby, K. G., and Avery, O. T., J. Exp. Med., 1918, xxviii, 345.
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delicacy as in the intestine ; not even water is absorbed in
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4th. The organic actions, the vital forces, and the circulation
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other u unarmed" tapeworm. The former (t. solium) is from the
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there any intellectual aberration. Four aborted and three were confined befbre
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the cheeks. The body shows no eruptions and the whole condi-
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Bibles for the Hottentots, clothes for the South .Sea
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hood have learned the actual facts of the case. But let
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by the abdominal and other respiratory muscles, e.g.,
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cases, and he exhibited a series of tracings on the screen
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by the position of the head, vision was greatly improved by its absence. He was
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knot at its end. No skiagraphic view is possible in which we
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the depressing influence of the shock ; he does not rally
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mitted by Mr. Forbes. But to decide the question, he considers that more
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Coal Mine traceable to the epidemic in Roslyn, which has been
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motionless, and quite duU. Loud cavernous breath, and per-
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of the past week, is one of disputed paternity. It will turn
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trypanosome-phase, or have, in fact, attained the latter. I
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exercise may safely be left to the discretion of the schoolmistress if she is
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advancement of the disorder ; the swollen tongue, with a bright, glistening,
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which the inhibitory influence is conveyed. Filehne and Brown-
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ting and tartar emetic in the first stage, and, later, calomel
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University of Minnesota, spoke on the topic, “Pre-
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pects ' : and " contacts ' ; may be segregated for a