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collaboration with the NIKCDS Medical Neurology Service.
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that pernicious form of intermittent commonly called
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hospital fell from 571 on April 8 to 1<S7 on May 31 — a total fall of
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disease, but upon those of hospital gangrene. More recently Heiberg has
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analysis of seventy-eight cases. Incision of the abscess
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nicely fitted up with simple coloured glass, is reached. It 1
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Dr. E. A. Lockett suggested the advisability of adopting an ap-
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"What is aeration?" or more explicitly, "Were they really working with
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most attention, and recommends as most efficient the treatment by antispas-
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sed to the author's pupils, and a short explanation of the terms
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similar conditions to those above described, and with
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possibly enable them to inaugurate reparative or con-
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included by the title of these essays. The essays appear in the
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ducted over a period of three years, in which many thousand cases
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other portions of the body, the locality of the disease alone
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down to the kidney, which was of stony hardness. The knife
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esophageal techniques.'^ Theoretically at least, very
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blindness from atrophy. It causes sexual paralysis in both male and
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into a condition of "imperfect compensation " or "asystole," leading to a
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these principles. First of all, as to hygiene, the teacher should
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meat, proposes' that the carcases of all animals affected with con-
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certain that the reaction is not dependent upon the presence of glu-
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remaining stationary during adult life, slowly decreases during old
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in the male; and I believe firmly that the theory is valid, for my
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slight mydriatic action,, together with its slight paresis of-