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toward earlier stage of cancer at diagnosis was also noted for other major

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of whom were affected with dysentery, and on the 20th of

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August 10. General condition about the same. Passing large amount of

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and he had come to about the same conclusions that he

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meat, and brown it well, putting it back in the saucepan ; add

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unless the house is an asylum, and registered or licensed for the reception of

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wet tests are given, nicely arranged as tal)l('s under

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dent. Dr. Brainerd stated that he had been unable to secure a paper, every one

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changed into aniline, so in some cases aniline and its salts are converted into

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When T.N.T. poisoning was prevalent. Dr. Benjamin Moore consulted me, and

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Thanks to the indefatigable labors of the Secretary of the

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out any fatigue, as my general allowance of exercise, at least one mile

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the wound, which I made on yesterday, no tenderness about it;

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ought to get whiter, and I thing it is going to do so. It is begin-

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to determine the position of his affected limbs in relation to other parts

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1892 I paid special attention to what I saw of the surgery

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of a child of 6 years that was admitted with typical symptoms

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of Game ; all kinds of Poultry ; all kinds of Fish and shell Fish.

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medicine. The corrosive poisons, such as strong mineral acids and alkalies,

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were .938 grm. voided. The mean minimum amounted to .5 grm., but once

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necessarily to the severity in type of the disease. What may be

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1810, for a complaint of left external ear. The lower half of

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a rational basis in the life-work of Pasteur, and culminating, for

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tions ; we had also looked forward to some statistical inquiry into

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tention cysts) ; second, those resulting from the formation of a pathological

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— so often present in sunstroke to a degree rendering medication by the

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his associates. As published in the ' ' Collectio Salernitana ' '

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3. In the struggle against microbic invasion the resistance is

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ter than she had for weeks. Following the fast, tlie former

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cases these granules are of a black color, of irregular shape, hard, rather