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as the statute of villenage in England. There is no recognised tariff, and

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extremities now hung in a relaxed condition. The function of the tibialis

zyvox iv rate

sutfering. She died of exhaustion November 27th. At the au-

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In regard to Dr. Falconer's question as to the percentage of relapsing

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Synonym. — Liquor ammonise fortior, stronger solution

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tifoidle. [On the so-called choleraic typhoid.] Dnevnik

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The fact of clothes being on the person may also make a difference — either,

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voice. Continue treatment. Monday, 10 a. m. — Certainly

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this case is unique, no other being on record of a man

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has tried to explain in other cases by the antipathy of the experimenters.

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April 30, 1922. Large clear areas in center of most lesions. Rate

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nation, but succeeded in converting Athens, by its position and the

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come with some(l;ing brief and practical to say about the subjects in

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Again, invasion may be ushered in by various nervous symptoms (e. g,, con-

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Armand Ruffer and Milton Crendiropoulo. illlusfrated.)

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part of gentlemen to resume at least the semblance of friendly relations.

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in the puerperal state. Dr. S. L. Parmelce describes

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a comment upon the report of Dr. Lichtenstein and his conclusion. Dr. Schnlt-

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In this connection it is proper to state that the serum treatment

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icine was the scene of an almost violent discussion on the sub-

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size. Suppuration still continued, although in dimin-

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and finally becomes an integral part of it. until it is absorbed,

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four times a day, — if the patient be plethoric, we cause her to be well

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A Complaint against the London Underground Railway. — The

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knife, and not very easily even then, but as the strict-

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of the cell or in the nucleus and always surroumled by

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treatment of the quinine form of hr^moglobiuuria with repeated doses


would not ha\e developed from either condition inde-

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amount of potash and soda without informing us of what acids are

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the centuries old custom of " bedding " the relics of St. Fillan,