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Tegretol-xr 100mg Tablets

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weeks. When the maximum is attained the flow is prodigious, but it is

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that in these cases the blood is in a state of unnatural dilution ; that the

tegretol-xr 100mg tablets

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action, of the brain or cord), the radiating fibres, and

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The heating is now continued for about thirty minutes, unless

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carbamazepine (tegretol)

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Dr. Inches, of St. John's, N.B., informed me that, while acting

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relapse is less frequent, while the pain ceases early and morphia

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in the temperature and pulse curves, while often very transient,

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John C. Dalton, M. D. Southwick, E. P. Abbe, John Green.

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depending apparently on the dose taken. In the eases of the Atlee family

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factors and identify whether the risk factors were very im-

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tion which had existed for some time. The next day made an

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