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is, nine days after the first attack of haemoptysis, percussion posteriorly,
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in general obedience to a higher law of order than the
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ages. Depleting measures, formerly recommended in croup, are no longer
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above all things, necessitates the use of anti-scorbutic food, fresh vege-
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tect the plastic lymph from escaping or being corroded by the
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of the Femior. — Mr. James Spence maintains that the true principle in regard
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somewhat superficial experiences of South Africa) to give the
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tremify against the diaphragm, which was probably effected by the
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That blood dissects through the media is shown by several of
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filled with felicitous thoughts, beautiful and appropriate
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be points in morbid anatomy which, in certain cases, might greatly as-
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which have emigrated into the cerebral tissue are a small number of eosinophilic
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rightly, that it may be found useful by professional
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at the apex in association with a dilated heart. Don kin, in his Diseases of
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should wear a pessary for two or three months. I have
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are shorter lived than those of other professions and trades, I
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flexes present, more marked on left side ; fine move-
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There was no case in the series which could be described
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Mexican Remedy for Cholera. — M. Chantac gives the world reason to
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which moves the strip of paper, p. This is started by pressing down on lever 6. The
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always, or solely, due to some morbid alteration effected in that
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Text-Fig. 3. Mortality rate per 100 cases of pneumonia in Army camps
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blood passed into the parts, producing a hemorrhagic tumor-
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themselves, therapeutic efforts must be concentrated on
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alkali reserve was higher than that of the spinal fluid.
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the house, and the observance of the antiphlogistic regimen in
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laxative than the earlier preparations of the inspissated juice from
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method is used to produce immunity, it is necessary, as a rule, to give the sensi-
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and the functions of the stomach and intestines are interfered with by
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definite pain. Neuralgia of the left ])hrenic nerve, or of the
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shall be such as are usually required of officers holding like posi-