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may occur spontaneously or may only be elicited by pressure, the former

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though Dr. Seldner did not see either of the so-called

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introductory chapters, between Seborrhcea aud Erythema. Why dermatologists did not

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and not abuse, our limbs and animal functions while yet they are ours in

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of the primary "spasming" centre must be ing this the patient hecame persistently

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tin in* distilled water be used as a nutrient, the reactions are definitely

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a very old man, became really ill, and exacted first two visits a

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spicuous and better develoi)ed in the female than in the male, and are

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If no one in the first category is “reasonably avail-

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tem of lectures, though many people had thought them

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counteracted in the future. Were we to neglect these parti-

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sent to one. And finally and best, another became a preacher.

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finances. After Carter Harrison was elected mayor in 1893, he told his mother

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to the opposite side, the eye a little more open than its fellow, and wink-

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the butchers to use this abattoir and close their slaughter-houses.

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groujjd litjnid, willi aliout a .teacupl'ul of the fragments of the en-

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develop in the smaller vessels of the heart when neither the

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late William B. Carpenter, C.B., M.D., LL.D., P.R.S. Eighth

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warning voice against a practice that is, to say the least, extremely un-

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vroo\ without attempting primary union, a mode ot* treatment

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years ago, that it is almost impossible clinically to differ-

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scanty or diminished. Take, for example, a superficial discharging

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controlled studies 2 ' 3 - 4 appeared in the literature,