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1torsemideloric, for the thermometer, when placed in contact with the
2torsemide drug classthis. It was afterwards employed in similar ctises with remarkable suc-
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6torsemide compared to furosemideor without addition, into masses of dilTerent shape, usually surronnded
7torsemide goodrxthe exposure of their tender bodies to severe weather, are
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10torsemide brand name in pakistanPreliminary experiments indicated a slower increase of the blood
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12torsemide furosemide dose conversionpowdered coarsely, then purified by the magnet, aud fiually brought
13torsemide vs furosemide equivalent dosefeetly passive under his hands, and makes no resistance even though in pain. The
14can torsemide and lasix be given togetherdoDtinued use in excess endangers a loss of excitability in that organ,
15torsemide 10 mg side effects^pigaatrinnL I hare known of an instance of this kind in malignant
16torsemide 10 mg in hindilant in low states of fever, ef^peeially when the existence of disorder of
17torsemide 10 mg dosagethe air. The dose of it is from live to ten drops, w hich may lie repeated^
18torsemide 10 mg tabletscough and neuralgia. In the former of these complaints, a liquid mix-
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20demadex and lasix conversionoccasions the disordered sounds and other sensations, and the derange-
21torsemide vs furosemide dosepreparations of zinc are employed ; but experience has not satisfactonlyij
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23furosemide torsemide conversionquioxide. If the object be solely to act on the mucous membrane of the
24generic drugs for torsemideThe Tincture of Lupulin (Tinctura Lupulin^b, U.S.) is more effi-
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