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Physicians Grand Rounds - - 12:00 noon; Fort Meade & Hot Springs, SD; Topic: to be announced; Info: Candy

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which allow the toxic mid-products of mucosal enzyme digestion, such as

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recommends careful acutorsion. In acutorsion, he considers

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as douches, compresses, etc., bathing is not of value, as a rule, in the acute

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Summary. — 1. Facial paralysis of peripheral origin presents the follow-

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quick, rigors are present ; the animal is " fevered," as it is com-

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vided the flow of blood and lymph from the part be unobstructed. The

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Copenhagen in 1884, the writer presented a paper in which

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sight, in feeding experiments with the Anophelince, to see the blood

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district and uncomfortable to the children. In some of these districts the

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is nothing unusual in finding this in smallpox — the differences

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The detailed history of this particular case reads as follows: Case 4397,

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roses. Of saffron ten grains. Of oil of roses an ounce. Let it be spread

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were in April and May, and 24 were in June and July. The disease, as

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some frothy nmcous ; after a time the sputa become purulent or muco-

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are comparatively mild, general debility, mental depression, pain in the

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Pulse-rate during this phase of shock=168; amplitude= — 1 mm.

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bluish ; face swollen and purplish ; a cold clammy sweat covered

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more or less obstruction. If there be no present obstruction,

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cases I believe that such a course continued long enough,

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gives rise to this disease, and never to typhus, we have the best of evidence

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ure of the left internal malleolus ; dislocation of the

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