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cleaning the peritoneal cavity when necessary, or for the

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umn of Alumni Notes, brave enough a few months ago," he

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isfied that they are clearly indicated before he employs them. ■

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Any operation must fail unless all diseased tissues are

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availability will be published in two issues of Connecticut Medicine as space permits.

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relative amounts of urobilin present in the contents at different

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spring up while the patient was already under mercurial saliva-

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mary condition in acute renal disease, it is very rapidly followed by

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fact that sailors are reluctant to have a dead body on

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tions, crystalline rock of archaic age, stratified deposits of the Jura and

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progress to complete blindness, but its progress is often slow. Changes

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Epilepsy — Definition — E. minor — E. major : aura : fit : sequelae — Pathology,

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ties of anaemia ; they are a little larger than the ordi-

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\ U'C-President — Frederick Holme Wiggix, M. D., 55 West

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realize that there is to be a grave responsibility resting upon them

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which had been postponed Ijy his illness. A year after he con-

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3. "That the constitution of the Conjoint Examining Board is such as

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have frequently witnessed, could not possibly be got away by

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fundraisers were held, collection of Alliance dues for

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breathing, viz., that characterized by the inversion of the nor-

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vaseline and olive oil, each, two parts. Red mercury oxide,

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fatigued brains. It is a throwing of intellectual pearls before

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loyalty during- the war.) There has scarcely been a year in which

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tary. Dr. Lankester asserts that he is in nowise responsible

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food ingested and the ejecta. Cold baths are prohibited,

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Goolsby's seal of approval . "May I change my proxy

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for the public fcrutiny, I intend ftill farther to profecute the

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the histological process, and the results wnich have been obtained form the sub-

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syphilis, both at home and abroad, and differs wholly

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with the other, the real increase is plainly shown. Up to this time he