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Unisom Sleep Melts

fifth of the obstructions at the vesical neck. It has
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tus instead of boric acid solution which is generally
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No man should embark in a specialty until he has practiced med-
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with the aid of many competent colleagues, attempts to
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— The Dauphin Medical Academician, September, 1942.
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fare of society and the health and personal liberty of mental
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been dull in any sense of the term. In 1832 he closed his
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A powdered, modified milk product especially prepared
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Sox & Co., 1012 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 1892.
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card party. Dr. Uhler, president of the Indiana State
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ment of diseases of the breast have accumulated within
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May 10, 1943, from a heart ailment. Dr. McKenna was
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out the organ in a case where the normal amount of secretion
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quest and the attitude of the trustees was this : There
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orders and prescriptions the name of the manufacturer whose pro-
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be assumed when desired. Students beginning the study of medi-
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breathed the air of the new world, and we have learned
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try to place myself in the other fellow’s place as far
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did not radiate. Following her meals she had an “all
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President of the State Auxiliary, extended greetings.
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as hot as can be borne; use a suspensory; give internally P. D. and
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These highly unsaturated fatty acids are important in
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“Single-Stage Method of Intestinal Resection With-
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advantages of being low in total solids, and exceptionally clear and light
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J. Parsons Schaeffer, 4634 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Chairman
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extensively employed at an early stage, is discussed, and a
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tion is one of anaphylaxis if it occurs within an hour
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thirty grains of fkksii Hydrangea and three grains of chemically
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these advertisements and in this index, but there is no
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of Delegates. Consult your county society secretary or
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obstruct its doctors from serving it, to obstruct other
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the possibilities of vascular surgery are developed.
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bronchial lesions after local treatment with 30 per