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your leisure moments by describing her ailments and telling you that

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that the system lost quite enough blood on the delivery

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of lymphoid infiltration ? Granuloma is an old name, and it was introduced

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septic and dusting powder dymal has been As the os dilates, the placental area gets

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been found in some of these cases, and accounts for the symptoms

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reaction was reduced to that of normal feces which have a hydrogen-

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May io, in their new library rooms, 13 Mechanic Street; Dr.

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pftrieui'. Arch. m6d. d'Anjiers, 1898. ii, 502-510. .it/so;

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serum drying for 11 days both for B. dysenteriae and for rabbit cells. The

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Circles indicate plane of vertigo — sagittal first, then frontal.

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probable duration of life ; more especially where there is a tendency to

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teresting point in it is that, before beginning the opera-

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with the great distension of the liver, an unusually distended

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employed. E. Frankel considers his diplococcus to be

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opinion the whole course of this affection showed conclu

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who declared a "bone was out," and after manipulation said she was cured.

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globin, 67 per cent. November 4 : Eats without discomfort ; no

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and on microscopic examination showed numerous bacteria and an occasional

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"yin" or passive principle predominates, there is depression of the

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ences with regard to their origin or relations. The natural elementary forms

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the pus made its way into the larynx, producing fatal results.

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a young man. Great importance is attached to Dr. Herzog's

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ings. .\ stop was soon put to this operation, but of late

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An intense persistent jaundice, if approaching , *^^ ^^^ progress of disease. In some cases

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act wisely in my opinion should he choose a radical operation.

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Case No. 203 suffered from atrophic rhinitis, and yet

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Finally, in connection with this treatment, let no surgeon

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hospital practice is to be found there. All the cases occurring at the Southern

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to the macula will be seen as an oval black spot, and light will

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as has been said, were made more so by the abduction of the arm, became

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eases, by its efficiency in controlling fermentative pro-