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Case XCIV.— Boy, six years of age ; healthy child ;
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the left side of the cribriform plate, part and parcel of the more extended
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your correspondent Senex ; and though I have sometimes resolved to
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that sleepless Jealousy which pervaded more or less all our Medical
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Brooks, John D., contract surgeon. Is relieved from further duty at
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imposed by the Bill would be only 1-21 of a farthing in
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the vertebral canal. The empyema was a primary, spontaneous, latent
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in which the silk industry was paramount. Bassi, by means of the
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ing the progress of the disease with a view to prevent cardiac thrombosis.
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served. In all, the pupil of the eye was of its natural dimen-
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Schiltbach,' who reported that he has seen no results from this mode
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nent healing of the enormous ulcerated surfaces. The patient will
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ment in the voice. Another theory, and one that I think accounts for
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b A deficiency of the upper and posterior part of the Sac,
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ature and had been tried out pretty thoroughly in the
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mediastinal abscess, and patches of central pneumonia. The
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of fever and constitutional ailment. Nor are the cases
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blood usually disappears with the disappearance of the jaundice, although
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proper to be borne in mind, while considering the case
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the stomach was not accomplished, at least sleep supervened, A sleep
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covers, or by boiling, and he showed how germs may find entrance into fluids,
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Entomological Society— 11, Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, W.
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typical case of splenomegalic chronic acholuric jaundice commenc-
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Milk cows seldom show any symptoms so long as they are regularly
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* See Armstrong's highly valuable work, entitled Facts and Obserration?
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How cowpox should be a preventive of smallpox in any instance, or
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but that, on the contrary, he had operated upon the most severe and compli-
forms of paralysis, but incorrectly so, since in some the sensibility is
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commencing in the index finger of the right hand. Indian
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Symptomatology and Diagnosi* of Diphtheria, by Dr. T. L. Poteet, Hodgenville, Ky.
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the nitrite of amyl, yet there is some clinical evidence
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from which it differs clinically practically only in the more frequent
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of ulceration. One of us (A. F. H.) 3 has previously described
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where he was called to the bedside of his mother-in-law, who
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of the head, with nausea and vomiting. There was com-
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This value, as Sorensen showed, is independent of the final pH taken,