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jLLeVu)!' av€V aAAotuicretui' Toif TrAafctir TOiJ Pa^^er Kal Brunner
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arc — 1st, To preserve skin enon<rh to cover completely the end of
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no epithelium, no erythrocytes; a moderate number of pus cells. Feb. 18, 1917.
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an escape of ammonia, and the fibrin by its coagulation reduces the whole
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These affections of the spleen are all of rare occurrence, and are not readily,
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of relief or the efficacy of prayer, but in offering to people a
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increasmg pari passu. The observation was forgotten,
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ing tissues. He writes that the result was very strik-
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tains a valuable paper by M. Achard on this subject. Pleurisy occurring
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of excitement and apprehension, as students realized phys-
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of the test-breakfast showed a total acidity of 35, absence of free
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that boiling milk interferes with its digestion, absorption and
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genh., Wiesb., 1889-90, xxi, .390-393. — Cant (W. J.) On
efficiency and safety assessment of donepezil for treating mild and moderate alzheimer disease
Dr. P. H. Bryce, of Toronto, Secretary of the Provincial Board
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Spasm of the glottis is often the first sign to unmask
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three different ways : First In a given case of disease, what is the prob-
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10. King, J. H. : Studies in the Pathology of the Spleen, The Archives Int.
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toxic agent lowers the durability of the nerve elements so
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Dr. Battey inserts communications from several promi-
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tribes, nor were gout, intlammation of mucous membranes, and
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noids, and recurring earache, but only slight or evanescent
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tory in division of the tendo Achillis, particularly in
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startling or wonderful to hear of people suffering from it when no precau-
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many cases by curetting and otherwise deepening the latter to triumph
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formation of bone. In this connection we cannot refrain
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the vertebral canal. The empyema was a primary, spontaneous, latent
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for the Physician, by Joseph M. Benforado, MD, Madison
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testes, chronic inflammation of these organs, or stricture. In the first
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clear annual reports for circulation to the delegates.
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purgative mixture, composed of one ounce of the Bitartrate of Potassa, three-fourths of an
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the necessity of resorting in every instance to a perineal
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He grew A. niger on Raulin's fluid in which the sugar had been
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for inanition. There may be the failure to elaborate food
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Dr. Wiltshire took part in the diseusion which followed ; after
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remains to be solved; on the contrary its efficacy has been
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