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tals and an opportunity given for attending lectures

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occipital region, the visual area of each hemisphere be-

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or second longitudinal ; 3, subm&rginal cell ; ///, radius 4 and 5, or third

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had been made, or these defects would hardly have escaped notice.

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capable of hardening, but a mass of organizable fibrin, mus 1

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upon their extremities, but the fibres of the navicular, and of all the

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of two or three days a crop of innumerable small pustules had

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225 Sheridan Road Medical Director Phone Winnetka 211

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still further promoted by placing the bacon, for some time pre-

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indispensable in the appreciation of the morbid as well as normal phe-

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the gastro-intestinal canal. — Gazette Mid. de Paris;

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The fifteen remedies named, therefore, I consider to constitute all

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Instruction, by examination or lectures, will be given in the intervals of the Public Lectures of the

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conclusions : The cysts may be situated (i) in the amnion ;

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ened bile, the result of pigments derived from the disintegrated erythrocytes.

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of undoubted character. Inability to resist from terror, or from an overpower-

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putrescent and offensive. Another series of experiments

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sociated with the infected inhabitants of the valley were infected by

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constitutes a fact which is not only of scientific importance, but is

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These observations influenceed us strongly to regard hypertension

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sufficient supply of these, neither growth nor nitrogenous equi-

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in having at the head of the Health Department of Pennsylvania

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twenty-three developed tuberculosis. The Professor not only used the cen-

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under the conditions alluded to (if under any circumstances), without previously

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of the tongue and thus to learn that its under surface

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size, and show no tendency to involution. Including the

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From a recent decision in New Hampshire he made the following

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Bowels have been constipated. Chief complaint is paia

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When the lower lobe is involved, signs of infiltration may be found at

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small dose of salts given each day. The patient's strength should be

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well pass on. Consecjuently the death-rate in its in-

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crotchet he found it impossible to succeed, and adopted the singular

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cannot be known from the short and general record, that the

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ment of the paper, which had been distinctly stated

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The insects known as pediculi or lice are parasitic during their