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enjoying an abundant ration have been found to be connected with
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iu practising the operation of circumcision," though he denied the charge ;
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mentary canal of a suitable host, which is rarely the same as
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four out of one hundred operated on, affords but slight encouragement for a
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fects. In pneumonia, it is this artery, accompanied with its plexus of ganglia
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tional shock of the operation at a very unfavorable peiiod, but they
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mentioned seem to me to prove that there is a large
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was in progress between the besiegers and the besieged at
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The symptoms of chronic hepatitis or of the chronic forms of
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principles he enunciated, the necessity for a careful personal observation
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2. The term " legally qualified practitioner of medi-
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was insufficient to establish an arc. This simple device gave us some
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normal alkaline solution for acidimetry ; the atomic
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1949. The course is intended for general physicians and
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; formerly its effect in rheumatism was regarded, even by physi-
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There are many varieties depending upon the completeness of the clinical
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this may be acute endocarditis (usually rheumatic),
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at all, the nerve cell lying in a space which in health it practically fills
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believe predisposes to a large group of closely related dis-
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chloric acid, is strongly advocated. For local treatment of the affected
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see that the body of the patient is kept scrupulously dean through-
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been produced by intravenous injections of formaldehyd.
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stands in a relation the very reverse of that occupied
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nature of the degeneration is undoubtedly different in dif-
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prominent callus. The pitchfork handle, with ita abrupt
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Dr. Benitett said he could quite confirm what Mr. Quain
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heat in other forms should be applied and hot drinks given. Strychnine,
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terior columns, are separated from each other by the denticulated
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Here also we see that the difference is greater between 60° and 50°
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on the presumption that the staphylococcus was the cause of immunity
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In pregnancy there is, physiologically, an unustial susceptibility of the nervous sys-
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arterial blood-supply of which has been cut off. These alterations constitute