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tibial and superficial veins were much distended, and con-

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lectured in the schools of Bologna and Pisa. Nor was

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of irritation in the already enfeebled organ by causes

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most powerful predisposing, causes, and that there is a direct

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places and whose names, though worthy of enduring fame,

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antiseptic and disinfectant properties of chromic acid and

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lustrative cases are adduced to show that experience has already

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prevalent, or where there is stagnant water, especially after an

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quick perception, self-confidence, common sense, diversity in work

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which makes it likely that the disappearance of the disease

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stuffs. In sterilized milk they grow well, but in unsterilized milk they

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conjunctiva, to the sclerotic. There was not a drop

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likely to be useful as comparative tests where doubt

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in the back. I consider that a laparotomy for the removal

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The articles are well selected and the reviews are good. There

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4. Remarks on the Treatment of Impermeable Stricture of

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